John asked:

Here’s my site: http://www.tellaboutit.com

Any suggestions? Thanks
Neither of those sites offered any help in identifying SEO problems.

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Most small businesses have a small web presence but there are a lot of customers in their surrounding area that utilize the internet when finding local shops and services. Internet marketing has become the way of reaching these potential clients in their communities through social networking, the Google Local Business Center and search engine optimization.

Why Internet Marketing is the Best Local Advertising?

easier for customers to find your company up to date contact information more useful and widely used than yellow pages out of town visitors can find you quickly cheaper and more effective

When deciding to start optimizing within the Google local business listings it is important to consider consulting someone within search engine marketing industry. Most likely a local SEO company can offer search engine optimization services from an expert that is cheaper than spending the time to learn and execute a strategic internet marketing plan on your own.

A company whose web presence places them at the top of the Google local business listings knows that only a first page placement will get them high quality customer traffic. Small businesses that already have a web presence and show up on the local listings within Google maps and other search engines should consider their listing position when deciding to keep optimizing in house. SEO experts can have a small business listing to the first page within a month and as little as two weeks.

So whether you’re already doing local advertising through internet marketing or wanted to get started, consider utilizing an SEO company with an search engine marketing expert that can get you to the top of the local business listings quickly and maintain your web presence. Optimization is a never ending process with more companies competing for that top position every day it makes it harder and harder to keep up.

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Paul Marshall asked:

As Internet marketers, most of us are drawn to Search Engine Optimization, with the lure of free, on-going Internet traffic, sales and sales leads.


For any small business marketing online, the search engine ranking for our chosen keywords consumes us, causing ecstasy when we succeed and sleepless nights when we fail.


But keep this in mind about SEO: increased sales happen only IF:


** the keywords bring enough traffic;

** are obtainable in SEO competition (and)

** if the keywords will actually convert —  if they actually result in increased sales and opt-in marketing sales leads.


Otherwise, it’s really wasted time.


Strategic Keyword Research to the Rescue


We can’t correctly perform Search Engine Optimization for our websites without first spending time performing keyword research.


Everyone has a different idea of how to do this.


Some use WordTracker, Keyword Discovery and others use Google’s Keyword Research Tool.


In my own practice, I started with WordTracker for my sites and for my clients. I have to tell you that I’ve changed my mind; my preference toady is for the Free Google Keyword Research Tool.


Now that Google shows an estimated number of average monthly impressions (instead of just the old green bar), the Google tool can really help with your keyword research. If you don’t have an AdWords account, you can access the tool independently (just Google: Google Keyword Research Tool).


Grabbing the Best Keywords for your Website Using Google’s Keyword Research Tool


Step 1 — Put your root keyword into the tool. I suggest one phrase at a time, 1-4 words in length.


Start with a word or short phrase that someone might use searching for your products or services. Then, click: Get Keyword ideas and wait for the results.


Another option is to click: Website Content and let Google pull suggestions from your website content.


Step 2 — IMPORTANT, change the Match Type to Phrase, which adds quotes to the keyword results. This makes the tool’s result most closely match organic search, ignoring the “loosey-goosey” broad match phrases for AdWords.


And under the Show/Hide Columns make sure your settings display Approx Avg Search Volume. (If you’re marketing a seasonal product or service you might change to a different setting.)


Step 3 — Analyze the results. What we’re all trying to find is the low hanging fruit: the best balance of traffic volume, ease of search engine optimization and traffic that will likely convert.


I suggest targeting phrases that are at least 5,000 to 10,000 monthly average impressions. Conversely, keyword phrases with very high monthly impressions may prove too competitive in organic search. Find the best balance for your organic optimization skills and for your industry.


If your small business marketing needs to deliver you 200,000 monthly organic impressions and you choose keyword search phrases with between 5,000 and 10,000 monthly impressions, then based on my formula you’ll need between 20 to 40 keyword phrases from search engine ranking to deliver you that 200,000 monthly impressions.


Of course, as you discover opportune phrases that are offer greater monthly impressions and that you’re comfortable optimizing for, that will lower the number of phrases needed to reach your monthly goal.


Make your keyword list from this criteria. I like to copy and paste into my email program.


Lastly on this point, you’ll need good click-through rate data and conversion rate data either from your site or for your industry, to determine the number of monthly impressions you’ll need to shoot for.


Step 4 — Evaluate the competing number of pages in organic search from Google. Is this a number you’re comfortable optimizing for?


While you’re on the SERPs looking over the search results, look at the AdWords ads and the organic results.


Does your service or product sound like it belongs on this page, for this keyword? Or, does it sound out of place?


And for a search phrase to be good, normally you’ll want to see several AdWords ads appearing for the search phrase.


Make your list from this criteria, setting aside any keyword phrases from the previous step (at least for right now) where the competition is too steep. Phrases that look good but with too much competition, save for the future.


This brings up a good point: Keep good notes! Otherwise, you’ll come back for the next round of research and have to re-do things that you shouldn’t have to. 🙁


Step 5 — Evaluate the phrases still on your list for their likely commercial intention using the Microsoft Online Commercial Intention Tool (Google it).


Now, this is a Microsoft tool…I use it and am glad for the data, but I don’t make decisions about any keyword phrase off data from just one tool or from just one step in my process.


Having said that, I wouldn’t select 15 phrases for optimization where each of them shows there’s not commercial intent.


Keep your list of phrases that still meet your criteria and move onto the next step.


Step 6 — Evaluate your remaining list in Google’s Traffic Estimator. What I look for is the relationship of average monthly impressions to estimated daily click throughs in AdWords. Do they make sense and suggest commercial intention?


If one phrase has twice the monthly impressions as another, but only 1/2 the daily AdWords clicks, something may be wrong. You may want to look closer.


The goal isn’t just traffic, it’s traffic that converts — buys, signs up to your email list, calls or emails your company and becomes a sales lead, etc.


When you complete these steps, you should have whittled your initial keyword list down to the “lowest hanging fruit”, the most opportune phrases (easiest to rank well in) COMBINED with the largest amount of quality traffic, COMBINED with traffic that should convert.


The Windows into Your Website


Keywords are the windows into your website. If you target the wrong ones for your business, you won’t have the traffic, sales or sales leads that you need.


If you’re using an SEO Company to perform your work, make sure they do it the correct way — not the lazy way — and oversee their work. Your site, your responsibility!


If you’re doing d-i-y Keyword Research, be really educated about what you’re doing or your d-i-y effort could cost you more than hiring a qualified company.


NOTE: Another option available from some SEO companies today for those watching their budget is to function as a Marketing Coach (or in this instance Keyword Research Coach). This is sort of a hybrid between the retail price, full-service option and the go-it-alone, time consuming do-it-yourself option. 


Small business marketing and achieving the search engine ranking for your chosen keywords doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, if you start with solid keyword research. And if performed correctly, the end results will be keywords that work for your business.

Is your company a small business marketing online? Paul Marshall can help you increase the search engine ranking, for your chosen keyword phrases. Receive your Free Introductory Consultation, just visit: http://strategicwebmarketing.net

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In today’s climate companies large and small need a website. Whether you are setting up a small business, a website will bring new clients to your small business and give you the opportunity to attract new clients and new business opportunities.

It is important that any small business website design gives prospective clients the right impression of your company and presents your company as a professional, competent business. A website is a fairly inexpensive business tool that serves a purpose for both you and your clients.

Selecting the right website design company is an important factor when setting up a new site and ideally it will be the start of a long relationship

For your clients, they will have the convenience of reading about your company and the services and products you offer on their own time. In today’s world, people lead very busy lives when you consider the commitment of their careers and family. By having a well presented website, you lend yourself to the convenience of your clients.

Add Value to your business

Your company website may be the first point of contact with your clients.

Once you have a website you can list your website address on your business cards, flyers and pamphlets, bulletin boards and even the company sign that you have hanging on the side of your building.

Internet advertising is more targeted to a specific audience. The clients who visit your website are there because they have a specific interest in your company’s product or service, which you can use to your advantage.

Web design for small businesses is our mainstay and we have a range of solutions available for the small business owner

A vital aspect of building a successful web business is mastering the search engines and achieving better search engine rankings.

The morale of the story is this – whether you are a small business owner, inventor, entrepreneur, artist, author, musician or band, you need a website.

By: Jayesh Khandor

About the Author:

Web Design Company Auckland | SEO Company in India | Web Designing Company in Mumbai

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mr r asked:


I need a list of 15 directories that relate to mascot costumes!
These directories must be search engine friendly (no more then 30 links per page) and well written.

I’d like to submit my site to these directories.

For future references- how do I search for niche directories with Google?

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Jennifer Bailey asked:

SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting services are meant to make your website the most commonly searched one. This is done by optimizing your web content using popular keywords. The duty of the SEO strategy is to include your site into the spiders of the top search engines when they crawl the web. The search engine indexes your content with the keywords placed in the site. If the keywords are included correctly, then your site can rank high in content category.

Since only ten sites are displayed in the top ten rankings, the need of SEO copywriting services is essential. SEO copywriting is one of the chief components of search engine optimization. The process of SEO copywriting includes the creation of new web page or editing the already existing web page text to include targeted keyword phrases that makes search engine friendly. If the SEO copywriting is good then automatically your site becomes more useful to the visitor. For making your site rank high, certain tips are to be followed. The keywords should be given in your website’s title and ALT titles, in META tag description, in every page header, in your hyperlinks, in your web content, in the navigation bar, and in the ALT description of your images.

SEO copywriting services include copy editing for the existing sites which need a fresh content. The purpose of copy editing services is to improve the chance of your firm to be seen by potential customers all over the world. Other services are creation of titles, description, XML feed, and article, blog implementation, RSS implementation, and special training.

There are many companies and firms specialized in implementing SEO techniques. The rates for SEO copywriting services vary according to the firm you choose. There are many ways of selecting an appropriate website or company for optimizing your site. Some offer free search engine optimization analysis of your site.

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Jesse Vickers asked:

Today, where a large number of small business growth in the industry, it is time for these small businesses to take control in the marketing industry as well. More and more business owners are finding ways on the Internet in the form of completely solve their marketing problems and compete with fast competitive economy in the small business marketing. Here are some popular topics that have met related links can help your small business needs marketing. The following web sites, which was proved effective in generating interest and traffic at the same time.
Using his current and potential customers
matter how well you have planned everything, may have overlooked the simplest aspect of growing their business in their daily lives without realizing account. Existing customers who use their products or services had already established relationships in their reputation, so they have already established trust as well. You can make your existing customers and potential customers of the port through incentive systems and reference. How does this work? Just build a system of incentive or reward that they credit for their efforts when they can bring their friends or relatives as their new client. It was a fact that when surprised or pleased with a product or service, we are supporting the people we know in the hope that they will experience the same experience you had. Use your existing customers to be public servants referred to bring good news to friends and family members or relatives. Use this strategy and you will realize how many potential customers coming right directly to your door. No expensive advertising
issue as that of large business enterprises
multinational companies spend millions of dollars for their marketing needs, such as print ads and commercial slots. As a small business owner, there is a need to spend much money on advertising because there are plenty of options for advertising without the participation of a large amount of cash. You do not need to advertise as much as large companies do. All you have to do is be creative and ingenious as to advertising the cheapest way possible. Can provide opportunities for people who might be interested in lending a hand to make advertising and marketing your business. You can open the promotional offers, deals and more promotion once.
The establishment of a reputation does not depend on the type of advertising and marketing strategy alone. The product quality is also considered as the main focus is advertising. Just be fair with their products and services and of course, no matter how few people are going to recommend your business to your links for as long as you take good care of your customers and consumers. Make a way not to be disturbed or dissatisfied with the quality of your product or service so that your investment will not end in failure.

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Joe Marsh asked:

& lt; br/& WP; Sometimes, people in question the validité of l& #39; use of médias social to promote a company, c& #39; is why j& #39; would like to quickly divide with you étude of case à which point the social médias has été utilisée by a consumer, then how a méfiance propriétaire of l& #39; more put company d& #39; money in its pocket, because social médias. & lt; br/& WP; now certain people think that the médias in the social measures you êtes censé will set up a page of fans or you must send tweets. They feel all is on the promotion of their company and the customers will come in progress d& #39; exécution. But it should be remembered why they l& #39; call the social médias. C& #39; is this qu& #39; one calls the social médias because là people – low and they speak about l& #39; expérience qu& #39; they had with a company or a service provider. & lt; br/& WP; In this étude of case, I will tell you exactly how our utilisé family the social médias to obtain a problème dealt with. But d& #39; access, l& #39; one of the problèmes to make deals with people is locally that you always do not know à who to make confidence. For example, once much of n&amp people; #39; do not like to buy a véhicule, because they do not make confidence salesman of cars. People do not worry d& #39; to obtain their cars réparés or their apparatuses réparés, once again parce qu& #39; they do not know if and when they go être arraché. & lt; br/& WP; C& #39; is a common prA©occupation with the consumers. & lt; br/& WP; thus what usually occurs, c& #39; is when you see your friends, you to ask them with whom they have utilisé in the passé. The problème, c& #39; is that you n& #39; êtes not nécessairement that when you obtain to see quelqu& #39; to require of them and certain réparations cannot être put except jusqu& #39; à what you see your friends. C& #39; is exactly what occurred with us. Something is arrivé à our machine à to wash and we needed to do it réparer. & lt; br/& WP; Here what s& #39; is passé. It has commencé à to turn into to noise this terrible God and I am not très mécaniquement incliné, I do not want to really work on a machine à to wash. & lt; br/& WP; Thus my première woman obtained on Facebook and to put a post on its wall on research d& #39; a person of rA©paration d& #39; apparatuses of good rA©putation of our région. In fact, I did not know même not qu& #39; it had done that and j& #39; put a post on Twitter and Facebook too. & lt; br/& WP; We have both reçu réponses à our request for rA©paration d& #39; apparatuses of good rA©putation of the people in the région and within d& #39; a couple of hours, we had quelqu& #39; to contact and obtain our machine à to wash fixed. My wife has appelé l& #39; man of rA©paration, who has us été renvoyé by the means of the social médias, and we set an appointment for the following day for him to come outside and throw an eye à machine à to wash. & lt; br/& WP; It & lt; br/& WP; s& #39; is présenté like prévu, took a blow d& #39; eye à our machine à to wash and it fixes during approximately 30 minutes. It did an excellent work and us happy étions with this qu& #39; it made. & lt; br/& WP; You can see that as a simple example of the façon of which we have utilisé the social médias to find quelqu& #39; for résoudre a problème that we meet. But à also should be kept  l& #39; spirit that the social médias can être utilisés for déposer of the complaints about d& #39; a company, if you n& #39; do not like work qu& #39; they made. & lt; br/& WP; Therefore, if you êtes propriétaire d& #39; a company, you owe connaître and to understand that your customers speak about you. Sometimes it is good and it is sometimes bad. But now, it more and more often occurs on the social platforms of médias. & lt; br/& WP; Here a large tip for you if you êtes a person of rA©paration d& #39; apparatuses in the région of Daytona Beach. J& #39; made a research on Twitter and Facebook to try to find some people local rA©paration d& #39; apparatuses and is it n& #39; there does not have or they did much evil for potential consumers to find them. If you êtes a person of rA©paration d& #39; apparatuses in the région of Daytona Beach or n& #39; import which field you can begin à to use the social médias. & lt; br/& WP; And for everyone là – low which seeks à to engage a person d& #39; businesses buildings for résoudre the one problème, n& #39; do not forget a vérifier the social platforms of médias. Like I l& #39; said more tôt, c& #39; is a good place to obtain suggestions of different people scientific have utilisé and c& #39; is also a good place to see s& #39; it ya of criticisms that d& #39; other people have posté.

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Let’s start by asking a simple question, “do I need a website?” Absolutely, positively, yes! At the very least, you need to have a small business website so that customers, prospects, local businesses and organizations can quickly and easily find out more about you. A small business website should be a key component of your marketing strategy.

Think about small business marketing this way…

You might not see it as important, but to everyone around you, not having a website leaves a big ugly smudge on your credibility, professionalism and willingness to work with customers.

What if you didn’t own a telephone? It’s a rather outrageous idea, but in all seriousness, what if you didn’t have a phone or cell phone? How would that impact your small business marketing? Would your customers look at you differently? Would they think less of you for making their lives a nightmare — just to do business with you? You’re darn right they would! And all silliness aside, the same can be said about not having a small business website.

But, I’m doing just fine without; why do I need a website as part of my marketing strategy?

Your business has done well over the years without a website. You’re continuing to grow at a comfortable rate. Your customers are happy and you’re happy. Why should you invest in a website?

Sadly, you’re failing to see past today. The train has already left the station — and you’re being left behind! Internet usage continues to steam ahead, and people from all walks of life use the internet daily.

In fact, a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that a staggering 73% of Americans are online. That’s over 147 million adults! And even more importantly, the study revealed that 60 million Americans routinely use the internet to research products and services before making a purchase. So quit asking yourself, “do I need a website for my business,” and get moving already!

Customers expect to find you online!

You may be comfortable without a website, but the opposite is rapidly becoming a reality for your customers. They’ve already adopted the web as a standard for conducting business with everyone and anyone. They expect you to have a small business website. And in most cases, you simply aren’t “real” to them if your business isn’t online. A website is a vital component of small business marketing and the longer you shrug off putting up a website, the harder you’re going to have to run — just to catch up!

Small business websites are proven stimulants for growth!

Respected media research firm AC Nielson recently reported: small businesses that effectively used the internet as part of their overall marketing strategy saw a stunning 51% jump in profits.

And a whopping 58% of businesses reported increased growth and expansion because of their small business website. Proving that in today’s information-based economy, the web is a potent tool.

Even if you don’t sell products directly from your website, you can’t afford to be left in the dark any longer. From kicking up new business and cutting costs, to reaching niche markets and branding your company’s image — a website can have an enormous and immediate impact on small business marketing.
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Daryl Chapman asked:

& lt; br/& WP; It does not matter the field oà ¹ you êtes, can it large être or small everyone is touché in these difficult moments. Nobody n& #39; is épargné d& #39; être the next victim of the bankruptcy or closing because of the récession économique of the three dernières années. But all n& #39; is not on the négatif côté. It ya also several things which we can considérer as an advantage which has résulté économique crisis. In fact, the consumers continue of bénéficier of this événement, même if the rise of the prices and the rates d& #39; intérêt is still à people & quot; see-saw& quot;. & lt; br/& WP; All d& #39; access, because the value of the currency has diminué, are now more careful in l& #39; purchase. All éléments owe être considérés before finally giving a handing-over to slip this chart or to sign chèque. Because of this d&amp attitude; #39; purchase, companies thus become aware of their products. They now offer the value ajoutée, freebies, larger share and d& #39; others just to preserve or obtain to the fidélité new customers. Deuxièmement, competition is harder than ever. The companies offer reductions, promotions, less the intérêts, the options d& #39; purchase more and d& #39; others just to attract customers à their manière. & lt; br/& WP; C& #39; is précisément for these reasons small companies would owe also aggressive être in terms of stratégies of marketing to stimulate the sales. Practically all that can désormais to be done on line. C& #39; is why the présence of the companies, même small should également be felt on the vast world of the Web. C& #39; is the tendency aujourd& #39; today, qu& #39; it or not is wanted. flow of the marée is fast and goes à the direction générale of fiberoptic. The consumers are to find all the possible ways for réduire the coÔ ts, the gas, food, l& #39; électricité, etc C& #39; is why online shoppings of pré-purchase on line and réel is the  “in” d& #39; aujourd& #39; today. If you or your company is not reproduced on l& #39; mitre of research, you could as well put this sign L on your face. & lt; br/& WP; Throw an eye à some important points à to keep à l& #39; spirit for accélérer sales of this très competing world: & lt; br/& WP; to know d& #39; businesses; connaître your target & lt; br/& WP; C& #39; is the première thing which would owe you considérer if you want to increase your sales goal. You must définir your marché target: young people, old man, banked-up bed, women, men, etc mère If your company is à consumption générale, yes, it is idéal to make your marché target everyone. If you can be identified with one or two objectives spA©cific or of the dA©mographic données, you will be able to measure the résultats aisément. Large thing à this subject is that you will be able to concentrate on a spA©cific approach before making it broader for everyone. It is sometimes difficult to start with a more important target. You have tendency à to lose the trace of your mark and the goal d& #39; businesses. Start by going spA©cific, of width. & lt; br/& WP; Speak to them Personnellement & lt; br/& WP; consumers & lt; br/& WP; aujourd& #39; today are très sensitive and difficult. They have also déjà & quot; évolué& quot; in a démarche d& #39; wiser and more conscious purchase. Finished the days oà ¹ they simply will buy parce qu& #39; they saw there on the news or the publicité. They now have enquêter and to see this qu& #39; it ya inside for them when they fréquentent your product or service. C& #39; is exactly the reason for which personal is of knowing how you to make move the things. With Autorépondeur aujourd& #39; today and d& #39; other services of marketing by email, personal être can déjà être reached. It does not matter the size of your clientèle is, these approaches marketing can make for you. All that you have à to make is to seek in particular which is adaptée à what you have d&amp need; #39; a price très good marché. There exist versions d& #39; test, même if you n& #39; do not have à s& #39; immédiatement to engage in the case you n& #39; êtes not sÔ R. Personnalisez your approach. To send your customers with emails personnalisés and réponses à their questions. That will enable them to feel valorisés, it will make a intégrante part of your company & lt; br/& WP; Cohérence & lt; br/& WP; Just like in all that we make, in compatible étant is something which will make good. résultats. In marketing and générant sales, always to communicate with your customers and the consumers will be d& #39; a great help. e-mail personnalisés à each time qu& #39; they have questions, the follow-up of the emails and calls après qu& #39; they have acheté something and, especially, of the emails and other means of communication each time you have a sale or handing-over which are about to leave. Once again, which will make feel valorisés. It will make them include/understand that you to point out them. It is as a means of recalling them unceasingly as you êtes always in the businesses, is prêt à to serve and facilitate the life to them. As that has été mentionné précédemment, the value for their money is this qu& #39; they are après. And these stratégies simple will make them feel qu& #39; they obtain more than this qu& #39; they have payé. & lt; br/& WP; Direction do not put & lt; br/& WP; refuse in all the things that you them customers will receive, ensure you qu& #39; they will obtain something out of him. Yes, people pass emails much the time of vérifier, but it is déjà part of their work and their life. C& #39; is why a électronique mail of your company must contain précieuses information which will make of their time for the lira. That will allow également them empêcher to just strike l& #39; mitre to remove each time qu& #39; they will want to see your name of l& #39; company on their boîte email. & lt; br/& WP; You point out that in this world of contest and the competitors of the façon to only survive is d& #39; to go with the marée. direction the marée is towards the Web. Go ahead and to make feel your présence. Think à through and offer directions and value à your customers. Make feel qu&amp to them; #39; they are important and to put efforts supplémentaires to give them not only products and services of qualité, but of the client relationship well too.

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