Sebastion Kribbs asked:

When it comes to marketing a small business there is no better opportunity than having a website appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and of course Bing but in reality there is very little chance of that happening without a huge budget or a really good SEO company working for you, Rubbish!

Now you really can get to the top, as I explained in my last article the great benefits of a page one ranking I shall not dwell on that accolade any longer but will explain the steps required to obtain that placing.

As with any new venture basic market research is essential and the best tool freely available for this is provided by Google no less in the guise of the “Google keyword tool” simply search that phrase and the first listing will be the one, you will note that this tool is part of the Google Adwords campaign but that is another story for another day

when using the tool the first thing to do is to ensure that the language and Country setting are set correctly for you, that done you simply enter some words or phrases that you consider people may use when searching for your particular business or service in your area, i.e pizza camden or pizza restaurant in camden, perhaps camden pizza

when you have established that their is sufficient interest in your business or service within your area then you really must claim your places in this short space I cannot quantify what “sufficient interest” is for your particular business or service might be obviously it will differ greatly a cosmetic surgeon may earn many thousands of pounds just from one client in which case a few searches for a cosmetic surgeon in say Oxford may well be deemed sufficient, however your local pizza restaurant may only earn a little from each client and may need a few hundred searches before he deems it sufficient, having said that it costs nothing to do and just a little effort to maintain so surely whatever the numbers it must be worth the effort for one thing is for sure the money wont come knocking on your door.

Once decided the rest is just a little time and effort, before attempting to claim you will need (apart from being a genuine small business or service locally based) a dedicated business phone number, a few photographs of your business or wares, a short video helps, some citations, a few reviews really helps, and finally be willing and able to prove you are who you say you are.

That ready start with Google places they are the easiest and of course most effective simply search Google places and your Country of origin, I cant give you a link as there are different sites according to your location simply follow the thread to claim your place, when entering the title of your business it really helps if you can add what you are into the title i.e make Sajays into Sanjays Indian Restaurant this is not strictly within the rules but it really helps your listing get to the top, should you find all this a little daunting and need some help then of course visit us, please don’t just read this and ignore DO IT and change your life.

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rahul sharma asked:

& lt; br/& WP; We should know qu& #39; it is important that our Web site seo favorable to the companies owes être trouvé in Google, Bing and Yahoo in signal 10 continuation of words-clés activité of niche so that we will obtain to visitors in line and easy converted customers intéressés in our products or services. Professional of the marketing of the search engines helps the détaillants on line and contractors Internet by increasing their sales on line by améliorant to them visibilité Internet site and providing compétences dédié référencement to help our site à être correctly indexé and has then constaté by the multiple, powerful search engines s& #39; press on people on a daily basis. These alliances are essential in the field of the sociétés of référencement à Delhi. & lt; br/& WP; Seek a professional company d& #39; optimization of engine should offer any guarantee that to stimulate the traffic instantané à your site of trade électronique d& #39; company or guaranteed signal 10 with the classification classification in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search for frameworks arranges optimization of the engines of seospidy can try of their to better help à créer of the effective stratégies of marketing Internet and à améliorer the visibilité of your Web site in Internet by the practice of management in wire and to make your list of Internet sites in signal 10 with the classification of the words clés to the maximum, including the primary education words-clés, clés secondary and long tail words-clés while following the directives of Google search engine covering all the aspects of design of Web site and développement, including crumb of convivial bread, seo pages, the proximité of the words clés, densité of the words clés which would owe être around 1% à 5% and the proéminence of the words clés, l& #39; effective écrit user and convivial search engine and of créer Title of meta, meta keywords, meta description, etc & lt; br/& WP; Seek companies of the engine d& #39; optimization of marketing offers broad éventail d& #39; activités of research paying marketing on the engines like the placement of the search engines, prA?sentation search engine and to pay by the management of campaigns and the publicité on l& #39; India, of the effective and accessible cost prices. & lt; br/& WP; To choose reliable cabinet d& #39; optimization of search engine that should read to us the comments of its customers and the témoignages in line of this société of marketing of search engine and also to consult them to see the current customers report/ratio of classification and must of the offers for the durée of time taken to achieve our goal by being classified in the société géants research like Google, Yahoo and Bing in as many words-clés of the relevant businesses possible. & lt; br/& WP;

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Mark Lukas asked:

1) First, use mobile compliant code when creating your site. Most mobile devices are not iPhones and can’t interpret HTML. They use other code standards like WAP and xHTML. Mobile web browsers are not tolerant of faulty code. An error that a normal web browser would handle properly, like a missing quotation, causes mobile sites to break. There is zero room for error. That said, making a mobile site isn’t hard if you know what you’re doing and there are a number of WordPress plugins and other plug and play tools to make it easy.

2) Do your keyword research. Just like in web SEO, it’s necessary to figure out which keywords to target using data. Keyword research for mobile isn’t much different from web keyword research. In fact, you basically use the same tools. The idea is still to identify relevant keywords with enough traffic to be worth targeting and not so much competition that it’s an uphill battle. Google is the easiest place to conduct this research.

You need to be logged into your AdWords account to use the keyword tool for mobile. The mobile keyword tool is a little hard to find in the interface. Once logged in, click the keywords tab and then the “Add Keywords” button. Select a campaign and an ad group. Once you’ve selected an ad group you’ll see the “keyword tool” link off to the right. Click that and then click the “advanced options” link and check the “Mobile Search” checkbox. The tool will now show you stats for mobile search.

3) Optimize your mobile pages. This is where mobile SEO gets really similar to web SEO. From your keyword research, decide on a target keyword (or phrase) for each page of your site. Place that keyword into the title, description, keywords tag, image alt tag (if there is an image), header and main content of the page. One occurrence in each location is plenty, don’t stuff the page with keywords.

The title and description need to be pretty short, a keyword phrase may be all you can fit in the title and the description isn’t much longer. I recommend placing the keyword toward the end of the description in order to get the call to action to display first.

The other form of optimization is “off the page” optimization, basically link building. A good way to do this is to identify the various mobile web directories and submit your site to those directories for inclusion. Another way to get links is by using social networks. There are a number of mobile social networks that are good places to get free links and also make people aware of your site.

4) Create a mobile sitemap. Once you have a site with mobile-compliant code that is optimized for SEO, the next step is to create a sitemap of your mobile content. I think that sitemaps are useful because they clearly distinguish your mobile site from your website for the search engines. It’s ideal to have different URLs for all your mobile content as well. Here is the general sitemap standard: sitemaps.org.

5) Submit your mobile site. Now that you have a mobile sitemap installed, you can submit your site to the search engines. Start with Google (http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/), because it’s the largest by far.

There are some other worthwhile places to submit your mobile site, some you’ve heard of and some you may not have:

Taptu: taptu.com/corp/submit.shtml

Bing: bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx

Medio: medio.com/partners/addyourmobilesite/

Yahoo: siteexplorer.yahoo.com (login required)

That’s it! Now just wait to be indexed and keep working on getting more inbound links.

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Robert Fogarty asked:

When it comes to doing business online, many people come with a belief that they can make money just by having a website. It is true that you need a website to display the products and services you have on offer. However, it is equally important to let others know about your website, and you can do it if you invest some time and effort to improve your search engine visibility and ranking.

The encouraging thing is that now you can find several SEO companies that offer their services to help you achieve a better search engine ranking. However, the snag is that sometimes it becomes difficult for small businesses to invest a lot of money in search engine optimization and marketing. Well, if you are also in a fix and don’t know what to do, it is better to do some research and find a company that offers an affordable SEO package.

However, when it comes to selecting a right package, it is once again important to do some research and compare different options. You need to ensure that even if you opt for a small and affordable SEO package, it should work as a good monthly campaign to help you get a better search engine ranking. Here, it is important to point out that you need to select a package after considering the type of services included in it. Generally, an SEO package offers article marketing, contextual link building, and other such types of services. You need to check how many of articles are included in an article marketing package, how many blog posts they are going to publish in a month, how many hubs they will be creating on monthly basis, and how many web 2.0 updates are included in a package. Last but not the least you need to check how many directory submissions are included in a particular SEO package.

While it is true that different SEO companies design their packages differently, most of their services offered will be similar to one another. However, some packages will have special services and you need to find them. For instance, just by spending a little more money, you can find a package offering article submissions to sites have higher page rank. Submissions to these sites will help you build quality one-way links that will go a long way in determining your search engine ranking. Therefore, you should look for affordable SEO packages, but need to check if it is possible to enjoy some special services just by shelling out some a few extra bucks.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot survive in this online world of business if you don’t invest in search engine optimization and marketing. In case money is your problem, you can always get started opting for an affordable SEO package. Of course, these packages take some time to create an impact on your current search engine standing, but they do make a difference in the long run.

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Chase Richards asked:

Most internet users will agree that SEO has become a bit of a concern. Virtually any search brings up half a dozen sites that are trying to sell you something. If you are looking to buy, this is fine. But searching for information is becoming difficult.

The process of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves tweaking your website in about 30 different categories to make it more “search engine friendly”. The search engine most commonly targeted is Google, but Yahoo and MSN are close in second and third. This makes complete sense. If you want more sales, get more traffic. If you want more traffic, get ranked higher on Google. The marketing advantage of “top Google ranking” can make nerds in their basements overnight millionaires. So what is so wrong about getting a marketing advantage?

Allow me to outline an example from my senior philosophy class – loosely based on John Nash’s ‘Game Theory’:

“Consider the oceans, and the fish in them. Imagine that we (or in this case, website owners) are all fishermen. If we all agree to take our own share by legitimate means, and rely only on our own skills to catch fish, then we will all be able to feed our families, and perhaps sell some more off for profit. However, if we use some kind of illegitimate means to catch more fish, we will gain an unfair advantage. If there is no threat of punishment, there is only the threat of the extinction of the fish. But so long as only one or two are cheating, they get a larger share of the fish, and grow fatter than everyone else.”

Now, everyone will start to catch on. If there is no law enforcement body in our little village (and there is almost none on the internet) then nothing stops the unscrupulous from doing whatever it takes to lure in all of the fish. So everyone starts doing it, using the argument, “If I don’t, my family will starve.” This is, as far as game theory is concerned, perfectly legitimate. To sum up:
If everyone is cheating to give themselves an unfair advantage, then you are creating an unfair disadvantage for yourself by not cheating

I would like to draw your attention to Google’s Information for Webmasters The article is about what is and is not accepted with regards to SEO. The Google guys end the article by saying,

“It’s not safe to assume that just because a specific deceptive technique isn’t included on this page, Google approves of it. Webmasters who spend their energies upholding the spirit of the basic principles listed above will provide a much better user experience and subsequently enjoy better ranking than those who spend their time looking for loopholes they can exploit.”

The Google corportate motto is “Don’t be evil.” They continually update their search bot algorithms — as do the other search engines — in order to filter certain behaviours out. keyword META tags (the string of keywords you sometimes see under a search result) are not even considered by Google as they are such common sources of keyword spamming.

If you run a website that is not trying to sell something, you still want a lot of traffic. Non-commercial websites without huge SEO budgets might be the sites you want to find, but your chances of doing so are almost zero. I live in South Africa, and the most-read blog around here is one called 2OceansVibe. I don’t think they have even submitted to a single search engine, or made one organic link. This blog gets thousands of hits per day purely on word of mouth. They have excellent content, and they update with an original post every day. Isn’t this the kind of traffic you would rather have on your website?

Unfortunately, the nice guys don’t finish last in the SEO arena, but that’s what the good folks at Google are working on while their plan to dominate the planet is still being worked out. After reading their page, I have begun the process of removing excessive keywords and tags from my blog, WriteNonsense. I am removing anything that isn’t 100% relevant in my tag list and links, and increasing the frequency and quality of my posts.

The ethics of SEO pose a significant dilemma for me, because I make my living writing SEO articles and helping websites get more traffic. I do not do the SEO work myself – I am a freelancer and I don’t have a lot of control over my projects. Unfortunately, it has reached the point that if we don’t cheat, we will be left out. I keyword optimized the title of this article — I do want it to be read, after all. However, because accepted criteria for SEO practices are constantly narrowing, I believe (and so do Google) that in the long run your website will be far more successful if:

Your content is king — Have good quality content that is all relevant to what you say your site is about. You link organically and reciprocally — Paid linkers always get caught. Spend some time every day telling people with related sites about your site, how it can help their visitors, and how you can help each other. Offer to put a link on your site if they put one on theirs. You design your site for visitors, not search engines — It might sound strange, but any sneaky SEO techniques will eventually get you weeded out. If you use sneak SEO tactics you will constantly have to build or pay for links, but if you make a good quality website links to you will start appearing all on their own, without you even having to reciprocate. At the end of the day, having goodwill and a respected internet presence is something you cannot buy or steal, and the onlykind of visitor you want is the visitor who wants to be on your site. Remember that one college student telling his friends about your website is worth far more than hundreds of paid links, or thousands of pages of keyword-rich, content-poor articles. By all means, make your website more visible, but do not make the internet more frustrating and expensive for the rest of us to use.

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Mark R Burdett asked:

Do you remember when?

If you wanted to watch something on television you stood up, walked to the television set and flicked between the 2 or 3 channels available If you ran out of milk on a Sunday afternoon you’d have to wait until the milk man delivered some more early Monday morning (or until the shops opened at 9am on the Monday) If you were doing research for school or work the only option really available was the library

Well ladies and gentlemen the truth is times they are changing. No forget that. Times they have a changed. Communications and the internet in particular have changed the way in which we live our lives and do business. And when it comes to your business this means you either:

Embrace new technology and take advantage of the opportunities that exist (and believe me there are plenty of opportunities out there) Sit back and reminisce about the “good old days” and watch as your competitors do what you could be doing – and become more successful than you

So what exactly does this have to do with writing an article? Indeed, what exactly is an article? And how can it make you money?

Well what is has to do with writing an article is that opportunities exist for everyone (and yes I do mean everyone) to use article writing as a way to promote your business, to increase awareness of your business (or you as an individual), to gain exposure and if done well to actually make you some money out of it.

Sounds good yeah?

But what exactly is an article? Well put very simply an article is just a piece of writing on a particular subject. And the beauty about article writing is that your articles can be about pretty much anything providing they follow some easy to follow and straightforward do’s and don’ts (which we’ll look at in more detail in the coming months).

Articles can be written about your business, your hobbies, things’ you have an interest in, topics that you have an opinion on and so much more.

And don’t forget the important part – the money. Not everyone is in business just to make money but it certainly does feel a lot better making it than not.

There are many ways you can make money from writing articles including offering re-sell rights, writing for a particular magazine, newspaper or organisation or indeed if you get good at it, writing articles for other people. The internet and modern communication has made the world such a small place that your article writing isn’t just limited to the UK (or whatever country you’re in).

If you write great content in your articles they can be must read pieces that:

generate traffic to your website create interest in your products or services make you an expert in your field of choice turn your business (however big or small) into a organisation with global coverage

Seems too good to be true right?

Well article writing done well can do all of these things and more so if you are a small or medium sized business who wants to grow then you should really consider trying writing a few articles or look to find someone who can do it for you. Small Business Marketing can consist of many parts including advertising, internet marketing and now article writing.

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Chris Jenkinson asked:

In our current market, changes are being seen everywhere and that includes in small business marketing. Small businesses realize that if they want to be truly competitive they must keep up with the trends and the main aspect of marketing that is getting a lot of attention is social media. Social media has completely changed the way that small businesses relate to their customers. It is becoming more and more obvious that small businesses need to adapt their marketing to become part of their customer’s lives instead of intruding on their lives.

Small Business Marketing is Meeting People Where They Gather

Once, marketing meant finding your way into people’s lives by intruding into their regular lives – while they were watching televisions, listening to the radio, or even the using the public washroom. It meant finding a way to get in front on them where they couldn’t get away. Marketing is changing, though!

Businesses are realizing that there are other ways to get their message in front of people without being intrusive. In order to do that though, businesses have to go where people gather. Today, that means getting involved in social sites. Sites like Twitter and Facebook were created to connect people – old friends, classmates, and family. Businesses have realized that they can interact with people on social sites in a way that is almost like the relationship between friends.

Sharing Information and Giving Advice

Businesses are doing more than just getting a message across on these sites. They are developing relationships with their customers. How? One of the main ways is by sharing information and giving advice. People who interact with businesses on these sites are doing so because the businesses involved have something to offer them.

Businesses are not selling things on social media – instead they are giving away what people really want. They are giving them ways to use their products more effectively, ways to make comparisons, and ways to make decisions. By doing this they are building relationships. By building relationships with customers and with potential customers they are increasing the trust factor, which goes much further than just selling a product.

Small business marketing is taking advantage of every tool at their fingertips and the trends are all pointing at social media. Social media enables businesses to build trust and trust lasts longer than any sales pitch that a company can make.

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