Nick Jordan asked:

A smart business move for a new business is to set up a good looking attractive business web site which can give a strong presence to the company on web. Some of the points that a company can ensure while getting a web site designed are:

Ø  Custom web site design: With so many ready to use templates available in the market for free, you might be tempted to go for any one of these designs and will end up being a part of a herd where one designs looks like a copy of another. Our suggestion is that a company should never compromise on quality and should get a custom web site design created for them self from a reputed company, which has expertise in designing business web site or website for small business. With the help of modern design tools our designers create appealing, exclusive designs that highlight your uniqueness and let you stand out from the crowd.

Ø  Affordable Website : Quality at an affordable price is a rare combination and with market being filled with companies that promise a lot and deliver nothing, it’s a challenging task to find good web site design and development company, which is affordable too. A smart move could be to find a web design and development company in India, which is known for quality work at an affordable price.

Softlogique IT Solution provide affordable web site design, Business & Professional web design, graphic design, affordable SEO and further services in India, Australia and across the world.


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Bill Jhonson asked:

For businesses in the world today, competition for consumers is stiff. Businesses are beginning to pull out all the stops, attempting to offer bigger and better services to their clients in order to steal the business of competitors. As a website designer, the situation regarding competition is no different; in fact, there may even be a heightened sense of competition for website designers. Customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable regarding what their website needs, so website designers are constantly looking for ways to impress their customers with their skills and the services they offer.

For website designers looking to stand out in the over-saturated market, SEO services can help you in making your own, unique stamp on the industry. Those who sell SEO services are more commonly known as SEO resellers. While many other businesses may be able to become SEO resellers, website designers are in the best position to easily transition into the role of a SEO. As a website designer, you already have a wide consumer base of people looking to improve their website. The websites of your clients are most likely an extremely important part of successfully running their business on a daily basis. In a way, they are putting the success of their online business in your hands. You can only improve your relationship with your clients by offering them the added bonus of search engine optimization.

Oftentimes, clients are forced to visit several businesses before their website improvement needs are completely fulfilled. Instead, when dealing with the SEO at your company, you have immediately transformed into a one-stop-shop for website improvement needs. When your business offers the services of SEO resellers, you will become an obvious choice among your competitors.

Once you become a SEO reseller, you may even consider checking out the idea of outsourcing. With outsourcing, you will not even have to do any of the search engine optimization work yourself. Instead, you can enter into a confidential relationship with an outsourcing firm. As a SEO reseller, you simply need to sell your clients on SEO services. Once you accomplish that, you can pass the work on to your partner firm. When outsourcing, SEO resellers can benefit from a full pocketbook combined with a decreased workload.

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Animesh Pal asked:

For those who have lived and worked anywhere near big companies such as Microsoft and EMC, these terms are familiar. A Value Added Reseller, or VAR, is a business that essentially lives off of reselling someone else’s product. They usually add their own services around that product to make their offering more competitive. Thus the ‘value-added’ part. In the search engine optimization space, there has been a recent movement toward the VAR approach. A number of SEO reseller organizations have brought packages to market to help other business get into the SEO space, but without needing their own delivery capabilities. Much in the same way Microsoft and EMC have used the VAR approach to distribution, these SEO reseller organizations are recruiting other firms to do the selling. In return, they see a healthy profit margin. White label SEO is a variation on this VAR distribution model. Unlike a Microsoft VAR, with a white label SEO program, the delivery group is invisible to the client. All work, correspondence, emails and reports are privately labeled with the SEO reseller information and logo. This is the essence of the white label SEO approach. There are several distinct advantages to a white label SEO strategy. The first is that the client has no awareness that the delivery of the search engine optimization work has been outsourced. While noone is trying to deceive the client, there are advantages to having the end-customer believe that their vendor does all the work in-house. A second strong advantage of the white label SEO tactic is that the customer relationship lies squarely with the reseller. If the delivery work turns out to be sub-par, the reselling organization can change delivery vendors. Because the end customer had no awareness of the sub-contracting relationship, you do not have the communication burdens often associated with this type of change. In summary, you can profit by joining a white label SEO program if you are good at sales and account management or have solid contacts or leads in a related space. This approach is particularly appealing to web development and other IT firms who do not currently offer search engine optimization. For these businesses, they can become an SEO reseller and add this service to their list of complementary offerings.

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Karen Scharf asked:

It seems as if most of the entrepreneurs I’ve encountered lately are looking for the “get rich quick” version of small business marketing. Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t really exist, but if you’re looking for some tried-and-true marketing principles that can accelerate your success, I’ve got a few to share with you:

Pull Marketing Works Better Than Push Marketing

I’m not sure who coined the terms pull marketing and push marketing, but the idea behind them is simple. With push marketing, the small business pushes its advertising towards its prospects who may or may not be interested. With pull marketing, the small business attracts (pulls) its prospects with interesting content and materials which aren’t strictly advertising based.

Push marketing can be hard. It involves cold calls and advertising and in-your-face and spending lots and lots of money. And yet your prospects are often turned off and tuned out.

On the other hand, pull marketing is fun. It involves sharing your knowledge and creating partnerships and developing relationships. Pull marketing creates prospects who are truly interested in your services and who truly believe you are the best person for the job.

Everything You Do is Branding

This is a hard concept for many small business owners to embrace, but every single little thing you do is sending a message about your business. And I do mean every single little thing. I had a client several years ago who constantly wore wrinkled and disheveled shirts. He didn’t think it mattered since he wasn’t in the dry cleaning business.

But it did matter. It sent the message that he was disorganized and a bit sloppy about his personal appearance. And if he was disorganized with his own wardrobe, how could his prospects trust him to be organized with their roofing project. If he couldn’t plan his wardrobe ahead and get things ironed on time, how could he possibly plan to get the roof repaired before the next big Midwestern thunder storm hit?

The point I’m trying to make is that your prospects are constantly making judgments about you and your business, whether consciously or unconsciously, and they’re basing those judgments on the little details that you might not even be aware of.

And this brings me to my third small business marketing principle…

People Want to Be Aligned with Success

I’m still amazed at the number of small business owners I encounter who, when asked how business is, will tell you that it’s terrible. They moan about how hard things are, they moan about their dreadful clients, they moan about not making enough money, and they moan about not being able to grow the business.

Um, excuse me? If your business is terrible that means people don’t want to hire you. And if other people don’t want to hire you, why in the world would I want to? I want to hire the provider who is going to make me successful (no matter what the service or project is) and if you can’t make yourself successful, you obviously can’t do it for me.

Have you ever noticed how, when a sports team is on a winning streak, their stadium is jam-packed, but when they’ve lost a few in a row, their ticket sales start to dwindle. On when they’re on a down-right losing streak, their stadium is practically a no-man’s land. No one wants to associate with a loser.

That doesn’t mean that your business has to be on a constant, never ending upswing. It just means you don’t want to telegraph it when it isn’t. And that conveniently brings me to my final marketing principle…

You’re Probably Not Charging Enough

We all say we want the cheapest option, but the truth is, we don’t. What we really want is value. Unless all you offer is a basic commodity (a very dangerous business model), then being the low-priced leader can actually be damaging to your business.

And there are all sorts of reasons for that.

First, there’s the psychological impact and the fact that you’ll probably end up resenting your customers (that’s another topic altogether). Secondly, there’s the cash flow issues that you’ll encounter – and it’s impossible to grow a business without adequate cash flow.

But most importantly, there’s the whole pull marketing / branding / success alignment scenario that we just discussed. If your services are less expensive than all of your competitors, there’s a reason for that. Either you’re not very good at what you do, or you’re desperate for customers, or you haven’t quite figured out how to run your business. And in either case, it’s not very attractive to prospects.

If you feel you’re getting push back from prospects on your pricing, and you know your pricing is reasonable, then you need to look at how you’re presenting your value. First, you want to ensure that you’re using pull marketing, so you’re only dealing with prospects who are actually interested in your product or service. Next, you want to ask yourself the following questions:
Have I developed a target market profile to help me truly understand my customer and what he or she is looking for? Do my prospects know exactly what they’ll be getting for the money they’ll be investing in my product or service? Have I explained, in plain English (no technical terms here!) exactly how my product or service is going to help my prospect? Have I addressed my prospect’s objections in my sales materials? Have I created an irresistible offer that includes a no-lose guarantee? Once you answer these questions and address these issues, you should be well on your way to being able to present your value in terms that your prospect will appreciate.

These Marketing Principles Will Work For You

As legendary marketer Dan Kennedy always says, the five most dangerous words to small business success are, “But my business is different.” If you’re thinking that these small business marketing principles won’t work for you or your business, I urge you to give them a try. I guarantee you will boost your business and increase your bottom line.

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Jeremy Saunders asked:

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Dan B Barnett asked:

SEO is a very important tool to website owners. This basically stands for Search Engine Optimization. This concept refers to configuring a website in such a way that it will get ranked by Google and other search engines quickly. The internet is a very powerful field and if you want to expand the horizons of your local business or you would like to start a business, this would be the best place to do it. However, you need to bear in mind that putting up a website online doesn’t end with making it look good and placing videos as well as pictures inside it. This is because you need to make it popular as well. Popularity online is based on a website’s rankings on search engine results. The higher your rank is, the more popular your business is. Getting on page one of Google search engine results is the main goal of starting an online business. If you get the chance to place your website on that page, you will definitely end up getting flooded with tons of customers, who in turn will enable you to increase your sales.

If you’re going to take a venture online with SEO or search engine optimization, you need to set your focus on Google because this site is the most famous search engine in the World Wide Web. Rankings in Google are dependent on different factors. First among these various factors would be the content of your website. It is said that content is and will always be king online. This means that if you want your site to get ranked by search engines fast, you need to put high quality content in it. In other words, your content should be useful to people who are interested in what you have to offer or your website should provide helpful pieces of information. Aside from helping you get ranked in search engines, placing good content on the pages of your website will also allow you to appeal to people so that they will find your site worthy of visiting over and over again. Aside from being helpful, the posts on your site should also serve as a clear definition of what your business is all about. For instance, if you plan on selling cameras on your site, then you need to provide different bits of information about cameras.

Next to generating high quality content would be the use of keywords or the task of targeting keywords. These basically refer to the words that people use to look for the things that they would like to read about. In other words, keywords are the actual phrases that people type in the search bar of Google when they want to find information about something. Targeting keywords will make it easier for people to find your website. When you target keywords, you should pay particular attention to the main page of your site. You need to make sure that, that page contains the most common keywords that you think people would use to look for information that you have in your site. Lastly, you need to put in some internal links on your site. Internal links refer to links that are used to connect the different pages of your site together. These kinds of links are basically used to direct a visitor from one page of your site to another.

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Ken Denecky asked:

When putting one pequeña company, must be done of a diverse way not like other sectors. Caught structure must be to create advantages such as sales and to benefit for his compañÃa. The business proprietors must make sure that they stay his competitors separate. Its business must provide an opportunity to its potential clients and clients to choose to his compañÃa on others. Many proprietors of business try to start their business with descripcià long ³ n on his compañÃa. This is an incorrect way to approach its clients because not estarÃn interested in the reading of his informacià long ³ descriptive n. He is exact and he is attractive. mà puts to its one same of the wayexact s, mÃyet creative net s to assure exposicià ³ n mÃxima of its consumers. The business proprietors must use the marketing strategy that allows to demonstrate what està themoffering his compañÃa to its clients. Its business must be visible to its clients. You must think about the unicity of his business and después of using it like tool. He around decides his special factor and game of sale with él. This him ayudarÃto move in front of its competitors. Its exclusive feature harÃthat their clients obtain to atraÃdos to his compañÃa and estarÃn arranged to buy its products and services. It tries to try on to his clients who you are enthusiastic on his work. You can give one better quality of products and services that any person in the market. He tries to portray to his compañÃa to través of his work. But he remembers that when doing that you had to remain especÃfico and ése is cuestià main ³ n. He always tries to secure opinions of his clients. regeneracià ³ n him ayudarÃto understand to its even better clients and him fijarÃaside from the other then mainly proprietors of business they do not even inconvenience to connect with its clients. Now once you estÃready with its clear business and on its targets and unicity, attempt to follow it with towards outside its strategy of marketing. It never makes the promises that you cannot satisfy.

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Catherine Henry asked:

There are many options of which one pequeña company can choose when gliding to start up one campaña of marketing in lÃnea. Aquà estÃn some ways prÃcticas to too much reach a good número of clients of purchase without preocupacià ³ n of the implied costs. It is member assets of communities in lÃnea. Million people by everybody estÃn using social sites of the establishment of a network like gorjeo, Facebook, MySpace and forums. The establishment of its presence in these communities in lÃnea can bring advantages around wonderful to its business. También, these networks him ayudarÃn to consolidate his relacià ³ n with the existing clients asà like report of the structure with its potential clients. It looks for the Web site of the quality to interchange connections by. This is one prÃctica común between webmasters. To interchange connections has been demonstrated to increase to notable trÃfico of the Web site especially if you choose an excellent Web site with good graduacià ³ n and content of the quality. You can ask when webmaster if él estÃarranged to interchange connections by its Web site enviÃndole an email. If its Web site offers the content of the quality, webmasters aceptarÃn its supply with pleasing. It uses the direct email that makes publicity. Before beginning with this método of publicity, you need to first have a good list of the email. And when you envÃa email direct to a group of people or a particular place, your message of comercializacià ³ n can be modified for particular requirements of such way persuading to the container to respond to your supply positively. Publications electrà ³ nicas or bulletins of the news of the supply. This is a good way to construct its list of the email because the people who subscribe to her bulletins of the news or publications electrà ³ nicas are those that genuine estÃn interested and so you must say. Since they subscribe in his own free albedrÃo, you have a greater securing than this people have a greater probability of buying products she maintains or it that you offer. He optimizes his Web site to obtain favored by the motors of búsqueda. Highly – the Web site optimized conseguirÃn one better colocacià ³ n in results of búsqueda. And when you land in first pÃginas during one búsqueda, causarÃa spectacular increase in his trÃfico of the Web site. It hardly imagÃnese the sales that you can generate whenever a potential buyer chasca ignited his Web site. It looks for the payment by announcements of I key. The payment by announcements of I key has the capacity to reach to a hearing mÃdiverse s widens because they are distributed blogs and to the Web site. With one exposicià ³ n in increasing lÃnea, its business can reach a base of clients mÃgreat s. The Internet can work truth wonders in its attempts to promote its business. MayorÃa hardly tries, if not all, these verified strategies and you verÃn that the results are worth their efforts.

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Tim Bruxvoort asked:

With the weakening and the business of econom?a slowing down one of the first things do that it the propietary pequeños of business are cut costs. Unfortunately est?making publicity and putting often one of the first things to go. During épocas slow m? is nothingimportant s that his comercializaci? ? n. Its same survival can depend on her. During the Great Depresi? ? n compañ?as that s? did not survive ? it, but prospered was those that made the publicity aggressive whereas their rivals trimmed. It takes the solicitor and the game (P& amp; G) for example. When their competitors took the advice from their accountants and ca?an the axe of the budget in his comercializaci? ? n, P& amp; G aument? ? really its cost, although the shareholders exig?an that they trimmed in the publicity. Because so many compañ?as cut the cost during that was, the publicity budgets were eliminated to a large extent in many industries. These advertising reductions caused to many clients sensaci? left ? n and associated the marks of f?brica carried out to a deficiency of energ?a that permanec?a. Although people trimmed in her cost, the president of P& amp; G in that then, Richard Deupree, sab?a that people todav?a bought essential art?culos of the home. Dueupree decid?a so to make something and él different cre? ? programaci? ? n from the radio that not centr? ? in the product, but was sponsored something by a product. The first one of these demonstrations was difusi? ? n in 1933 and was called & quot; MA Perkins.& quot; It was sponsored by the detergent of Oxydol. So if you never asked where & quot of the término; opera& quot of jab? ? n; it came from, comenz? ? everything with that demostraci? ? n and its sponsor. That program was so right for P& amp; G m? sponsored 21s programs and ? doubled to their budget of the publicity radiof? nica each two años during the businesses of Depression.That s? did not survive ? it, but increased to their sales during depresi? ? n were those that acted as if nothing was different. That is to say, they made publicity. The thing m?important s that you can now make to resist to the storm is to increase his comercializaci? ? n. It begins to put m?s aggressively and puts m?creative s. A thing to the note is ésa during the épocas resistant, m?s people who est?n never watching to create its own based businesses homemade. Quiz?s you offer products or the services that can help them. You can take advantage in fact and aim espec?ficamente at this people. You him aid, and she him aid.

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