Brian Krassenstein asked:

If you have spent any time on the computer, have looked into making money online or have a website you have certainly heard the term SEO. What is it? Why is it such a big deal? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is crucial in the internet marketing world.

Using SEO correctly can help your site to reach the top of the Google, Yahoo and Bing search pages! SEO can also increase your traffic enormously! As these two goals are paramount to having a successful internet business, you can certainly see why there is so much buzz about SEO.

The meat behind SEO is called keywords. Keywords are the terms or phrases you use to describe your product or service, but they must also be words that the average internet user would use to search for your product or service. Many people make the mistake of being too vague when choosing keywords. For example if you are selling Guitar Strings you wouldn’t want to use simply the word Guitar as your keyword. You would want to get specific and use Guitar Strings as your keyword phrase.

Once you decide on your keywords, you want to use them not only in your website address, for example: Thebestguitarstings (not a real address, just an example), but also in your titles, and in the body of your website (articles).

Search engines seek out sites that give valuable information and are consistent with their idea or keyword. So if your keyword is Guitars and your site is all about music, the search engine won’t rank you very high. On the other hand if your keyword is guitar strings and your site is all about specific types and styles and makes and strengths of guitar strings the search engines will rank you much higher. Consistency and using keywords that apply to your idea are key! SEO can make or break your site, use it wisely!

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John A. Michailidis, Esq. asked:

There are two broad categories of marketing – one appropriate to small business, and the other not so much so. Unfortunately, a large percentage of small businesses don’t know the difference between the two and they waste money, and loose potential clients and customers because of it.

Two Types Of Marketing

Marketing can be separated into two broad types:
Image marketing. Direct response marketing.

Image marketing is about YOU and your business. Direct response marketing is about the CUSTOMER and their concerns.

Image marketing is designed to impress the client with how great you are: how professional, fast, award winning, environmentally friendly, etc. It doesn’t address the customer’s needs and it is often filled with “fluff” that really doesn’t have much to do with anything. You’ve seen the ads – beautiful sunsets, soft music, cute puppy dogs, a recital of how great the company is – what the heck that has to do with “selling widgets in Peoria” I’ll never know!

The Best Marketing For Small Business

While image marketing “might” have a place if you are a major corporation with boatloads of cash to burn (I’d still argue that ‘dollar for dollar’ it isn’t as effective as direct response) a small business typically doesn’t have lots of cash to burn and must make every dollar count. Direct response marketing is designed to get potential customers to “do something specific that directly leads to a sale.”

An effective direct response piece is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER! The only thing relating to you and your business should be your contact information – that’s it! The purpose of a direct response piece is to get the customer to TAKE ACTION NOW.

Making A Compelling Offer

The heart of an effective direct response piece is the “compelling offer” you make to your prospect. To do this well you must know your customers inside and out: their problems, their concerns, their desires, their aspirations. As one famous copywriter once said (I forget who), “Your ad copy should enter into the conversation that’s already going on inside the head of your prospect.”

This makes sense, because if you already know what your customers are looking for then you don’t have to “convince” them to do anything. If you simply offer them what they are already looking for then you don’t have to resort to fancy sales gimmicks and tricks.

By using direct response marketing to focus on your customers’ needs and not your own, your marketing becomes an exercise in writing compelling offers and putting them in front of your prospects. If you know your clients well and your offers truly address their needs they will respond.

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Dan J. An asked:

Search engine optimization has always been a powerful tool in attracting web traffic for online businesses, and a lot of companies are trying to get ahead of the competition by hiring the best SEO agencies or consultants. Local SEO is a fairly new concept that is now being recognized as the best way to promote a business over the internet especially if the company is operating on the local level and is just catering to a specific market in a certain geographical area. With the number of people now using their locales as part of the criteria when using search engines, local search engine optimization can help a small business establish a large customer base in familiar territory.

There are several ways on how to go about optimizing your website to target a specific locale, and a good SEO consultant who is familiar with the locale can be a great asset in marketing your business to your targeted audience. It’s best to take into consideration several techniques that can be used to establish a strong presence in a local market, so look for a consultant that can offer you various marketing methods with successful results. One thing that can be done is by studying the keywords that your targeted market use when looking for products such as the ones that you offer.

Choice keywords that are strategically positioned in your website should be part of your overall local SEO strategy. Write-ups, page titles, and even blogs can include these keywords. A strong local presence relies on how the search engine spiders index the information found on your website and the more relevant the content, the better the chance of ranking higher in local search engine listings.

Local SEO should not only focus on higher search engine rankings however, and you should also give attention as to how your website would look to a potential customer. Most people who are looking for establishments in their locale want to find out where they should go and how to get there, so your site should contain the needed information such as the company’s physical address and a business phone number if your customers need to get in touch with you. Signing up for map services is an excellent idea if you wish to go the extra mile and make it easy for your target market to find your establishment.

The good thing about local SEO is that it is easier to be ranked higher in search engine results pages because the competition is limited to just a number of companies who are conducting the same business in the same locale. Moreover, if yours is the only company that offers products and services for a given niche in the area, you will be sure to attract all of your target market which in turn results to a wider customer base and a steady flow of income.

Utilizing local SEO techniques will go a long way towards the success of your business if you are concentrated on a certain geographical location. Learn the basics of how SEO on the local level can help you out and then find the best SEO professional to give your marketing efforts a boost.


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With the technology we have today, the business world has now evolved into something higher. Most of the marketing strategies today involve the use of the internet. The internet has opened plenty of prospects to market to the consumers with just a low cost. Marketing online is surely something without equal to the ads in the television, newspapers, and magazines and in the radio. Before you begin to use some marketing ideas online, you might want to take into consideration the different purposes of marketing.

As a small scale business owner, your marketing financial plan will probably be limited and not something where you want to splurge. The most efficient way to market your products or services is to come up with a well planned program where you can combine sales activities with your marketing schemes. The sales activities that you have will both decrease your marketing expenses and add value to your communication with your potential customers and clients.

What you should do initially is to come up with a goal to increase the profitability and sales of your business. Marketing will serve as a very important tool in communication between you and your clients. As they become interested in your product, the sales you have will increase. The interest of your clients is proportional to the increase of your sales.

If you have the longing to let your business mature, you have to take into consideration small business marketing. You might want to begin first with acquiring a much bigger target market, alluring each and every customer to buy more products and persuading each customer to buy more profitable products. This will greatly increase your profits in no time. It may be hard in the beginning but it will be worth it in the long run.

There are some good online marketing ideas that might interest you. You can opt for contextual ads and put them on your website. You can optimize these ads by creating a good ad layout, making use of a good color combination and choosing the right contents. Make use of an ad and put it in the highest position possible. If you position it that way, it will yield you a great amount of income per click.

Another good marketing strategy that you might want to use is article marketing. This marketing strategy is commonly used by many to direct organic traffic to their website. It is possible for you to do this. What you need to do is to come up with articles and make use of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization makes use of keywords or key phrases in your article. This will further increase the traffic to your website. At the same time, your ranking in major search engines will become higher. There are various marketing strategies that you can use as a small business marketing.

By: Emma J Frost

About the Author:

Looking for awesome information about article marketing?

Instantly download your free article marketing blueprint: http://johnsrhodes.com/

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Roy R Reyer asked:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Any search engine can be optimized to display and feature your web site if you know the specific steps to take. This article will focus on such SEO tips.

Before you do anything it’s very important to learn how to monitor your web site traffic, including the number of visitors and hits. One way to utilize the technology out there to achieve this purpose is to use such tools as Alexa and Google Toolbar to monitor your search standings. This way you can understand and truly gain a quantitative and numerical appreciation of all the traffic actually reaching your site. Alexa and Google Toolbar will only enhance your overall qualitative measuring of your site as well.

Make sure to check your referrer log to track visitors’ status. When you incorporate this approach, you won’t be in the dark anymore about exactly what your visitor profile is. You’ll be able to see from which sites they came from and at what time they logged onto your site as well as how long they stayed on.

Keep your keyword frequency and density high when establishing your site as well as during the actual writing of your site’s text. But there’s a reasonable limit you must maintain otherwise web spiders will think you’re a spammer, and they frown upon this. Such “over stuffing” efforts will actually get your search engine optimization lowered substantially which won’t do you any good. But strong keywords are essential to gain the highest exposure vis-a-vis seo quality markers.

One last but very important SEO Tip. Always make sure to link back to yourself frequently on your site. Also, it’s wise to add a site map to facilitate the “discovery process” to new site visitors. Make sure to also put clear, concise words in your URLs. Don’t confuse anyone with transposed or confused lettering. If you own a beauty shop and your name is Jane, you could write Janesbeautyshop.com, but you’d never want to write beautyshopofJanes.com, because that’s too confusing and lengthy. Never use Frames, and rarely use Flash or AJAX. Do use “ALT” tags for all your images for the most effective displays, and keep all your content regularly updated for the highest traffic. Have CEO blogs for highly effective social media distribution. All optimized sites should have strong links to other top quality sites, but always avoid hooking up to “link farms.” They’ll only sour your site’s reputation.

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monica geller asked:

Seo is now become essential part of internet marketing people always look for seo packages. For small business firm it is becoming hard to find affordable seo service provider with quality and quantity of work. Big seo firm charges way to high and cheap seo service providers really provide cheap seo packages.

When you are finding affordable small business seo packages it is necessary to check your seo consultant’s knowledge and track record.  

Ask for detail about whole seo package. Check all seo packages includes all services like on page optimization, off page optimization , link building services like social bookmarking submission, directory submission, press release submission , CSS submission, Article Submission , Forum Posting, Blog posting, hcard and hreview submission . These are some basic thing that Seo Company should include in their seo packages.

Seo company should be able to customize seo package depend upon customer requirement and need. It is good to find some reseller seo provider company which can give seo package at affordable rate with high quality. There are few good seo companies which can help small business firm to perform seo on website like affordable seo services.

Check out some of tips while choosing seo packages.

Consider your budget: if you are small business firm with limited budget then go for some affordable seo service provider company who can give you maximum return on investment.

Your business and website need: If you are targeting local area in online business then it is recommended to go for local seo services like posting classified submission in your region, directory listings, google map listing, and local business directory listings. There are many other factors are also involved in seo packages like your website age your business age. If you are website is older than few years. Then you can go for large link building services in short duration but if your website is new then it is recommended that you should go for slow link building services.

If you are targeting local seo services then search for good seo company who provide hcard integration, hreview integration and having good knowledge of microformats. Mircroformats are very useful in Google map listings and also in local seo services.

There are very few companies like Affordable-seo-services provide all these kind of services at affordable rates. So, it’s now your choice whom to select for your seo service provider.

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mnmbla asked:

Where can I find this information?

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Jan Pascal asked:

To find profitable keywords you need to select search phrases with high search volume and low competition. What is low competition for a keyword or search phrase is not well defined. It is not so easy to find reasons why particular website ranks very high. In general, there are some parameters that have significant influence on ranking and from those parameters it is, at least in theory, possible to conclude or estimate the strength of competing site. The most important parameters that indicate reputation and popularity of a web page are its PageRank, the number of links to it, presence of keyword in page title, description, meta tags and url, presence in DMOZ or Yahoo directories and the number of backlinks from gov or edu domains. To get all those parameters for one single page is a very time consuming task. The situation gets even worse when you would like to check more pages. Fortunately, there are special tools that can do such analysis in few seconds.

Every SEO software uses its own approach to analyze competing pages. Some calculate a magic number proportional to the strength of competition while others only display facts and the decision is left to the user. This approach takes more time and needs more experience but eliminates any possibility for wrong decision. The software automatically retrieves relevant parameters for top pages from the search result for a given keyword. The result is displayed in a form of table with colors indicating the strength of the specific parameter where green means weak competition. There is no simple rule to determine what those parameters mean. The evaluation of the strength of competition is not an easy task. You need to examine all the parameters from this table or matrix and check if there is any possibility to at least hope for high ranking of your page with this keyword. This process is especially difficult for beginners. They have very little knowledge or experience on how important is the PageRank, what is the effect of on-page optimizations or what is telling us the domain age.

With some time you will get basic feeling needed to determine how strong the competition for particular keyword is. In general, it is much better to have a clear picture of the top ranking pages then just a single number. While one simple number means simple comparison and decision for the user it also means much higher risk for wrong decision. There are many parameters that determine how strong the competition for a particular keyword is. This can not be converted into single number. This is where tools which provide complete analysis outperform competitive products. The SEO matrix provides all the data and it is up to you to evaluate those parameters and decide if this keyword is worth serious consideration or not.

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Michael C Logan asked:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps by increasing the ranking of a site thus making it more preferable whenever a keyword or phrase relevant to the site is searched for by internet users on a search engine. First let’s start by gaining some insight into how a search engine works. Whenever you search for something through a search engine the sites that are listed are selected according to their rankings which are allocated to almost every major site. The highest ranking site that is rank one site is listed first then the second and so on.

This ranking is determined on an unpaid basis and is usually done by using some kind of ranking algorithm. The ranking algorithm ranks sites according to some basic features. Sometimes it’s the number of times a keyword from the search phrase comes in the written content on that site or sometimes it’s the proximity of keywords that is how close and how often they are written. But most of the times it is based on the number of times a particular site is visited or referred to by people using the internet. So if you want to increase the visibility of you website using search engine optimization is a very useful option.

SEO companies help your site gain top rank and thus make it the first result to be displayed by a search engine whenever a relevant keyword query is searched for. First of all it helps by increasing the level of content on that site. Content involves keywords or key phrases that guide a user. Increasing the number of times a particular most frequently used keyword appears in the content helps to increase the sites visibility by increasing its rank. An SEO also helps to increase the proximity of keywords in the content. The more closely they appear the more is the visibility of that site. Design and user friendliness of the sites web page is also very important. A good design helps to grasp the user’s attention and makes the site more attractive. This increases the number of users visiting the site and in turn increases the sites rank making it more visible. User friendliness that is the ease with which a user can use and navigate a site also has considerable importance. If a sit is more users friendly then more users will feel comfortably using it. An SEO company helps you fulfill these ranking criteria and make your site more visible on the internet.

SEO thus helps you increase your sales or accessibility on the internet. You as a customer not only gain good ranking but also a good reputation as high ranking sites are thought to be more reliable. But as competition increases more and more SEO companies are coming up in the market and they all promise the same things. It is not possible for all sites to have a high rank so one should be careful and do a bit of research before selecting SEO for your website. A good SEO will surely increase your sites visibility and help you gain more profits.

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Bill Jhonson asked:

An SEO reseller program by definition is a program where you bring the customers to a search engine optimization firm. Here, you complete the SEO assignments of these particular customers and engage with them on a long term relationship with regards to their future SEO assignments. You are in turn paid a certain amount of commission for bringing each of these customers to your SEO firm.

SEO reseller program basically focuses on how the two companies will tend to work in synchronization and the amount that will be paid in return (as commission) to your SEO firm for bringing the customer. If we see on a broader aspect, a SEO bargain program is similar to an affiliated program. However, the reseller program involves more participation from your side because you will be having a functional relationship with the customer.

For finding the right company for your SEO bargain program, you should first perform homework on the organizations that you are considering as feasible to join up with. Here, it must be known that not all SEO firms are considered to be alike. You should search companies that are truly professional and have strong track record. Also, the results of these companies should have been great in the recent years and their customer rankings should be high. Moreover, you should also have their phone numbers/e-mail addresses so that you should be able to talk to them in further detail.

Always choose a SEO resell program where you feel that the program is fair and you are compensated appropriately for the amount of customers that you are bringing to the firm. You should also look into how you will work on mutual basis in a long term relation. SEO bargain program are good where there is a direct communication between delivery organization and the sales company. However, there are few companies where there may be no/little communication between the company and the customer handoff. You will find this case in larger organizations.

Once when you have selected the SEO resell program that you will be working with in the near future, the main work begins now. It must be mentioned here that there are many companies who get fixated on which resell program they should buy. But to conclude, it must be said that rather than the correct resell program they should actually search for the trustable customers and then try to resell the SEO programs to them.

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